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Habitat Creative Center

Building a committed community to help people living in housing poverty.

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Habitat Creative Center is a community / event space and a housing knowledge hub created by Habitat for Humanity Hungary in order to join forces with our partners and volunteers to mitigate housing poverty in Hungary. Our aim is to build a community of open minded and conscious people who are committed to making decent living conditions available to all.

The Center is situated at 26 Margit körút in central Budapest, where we offer a variety of activities and events for our volunteers, professional and corporate partners, and the wider public. The diverse events of this community space include housing related professional conferences, presentations and roundtable discussions, home renovation DIY workshops, thematic exhibitions, as well as public film screenings, volunteer meetups and other creative activities.

Besides, the Creative Center serves as the office and headquarters for Habitat for Humanity Hungary.

Check out our website and discover our activities! If you are looking for a space for your event, contact us!

Habitat Creative Center is currently under renovation. We open soon! Keep yourself updated and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.