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Our mission

  • We build a diverse community committed to making the world a better place.
  • We transfer practical skills and knowledge related to home renovation.
  • We provide a space for thinking and acting together.

Opened in May 2023, Habitat Creative Center is both a community and event space and a housing knowledge hub.

At Habitat, we have been working for over 25 years to bring systemic solutions to housing problems. Many people in our country still lack access to a decent home. However, we believe that by working together based on shared interests and values, we can achieve our goals.

That is why we have created Habitat Creative Center to reach out to the people who want to join this cause and to think and act together as a community. We believe that by inspiring each other, we not only dream big but also implement actual programs that will provide truly effective help to those in need.

Be active! Join us as a volunteer and participate in our events where you can gain both theoretical and practical knowledge about housing, from energy poverty to various home renovation techniques.

About Habitat for Humanity Hungary

At Habitat we believe that housing is the first step in the integration into society, and that housing is a basic human right. However, almost 3 million people in Hungary experience some form of housing poverty.

In order to solve this enormous problem, in Hungary we have uniquely focused and robust programs building on national and international policies, research and advocacy for systemic change. Besides, through several pilot field projects involving small, big or full renovation, we provide help for people living in family shelters or in substandard homes all over the country. In our advocacy work, we regularly organize conferences, workshops and we cooperate closely with other housing organizations.

Habitat for Humanity is active in over 70 countries worldwide, present in Hungary since 1996.

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Our team

“I am glad that the Creative Center is a space where both committed people and creative ideas can meet.“

Sára Aradi

“I love to belong here because this is a cheerful and open-minded community dealing with real and serious issues.”

Lenke Ónodi-Szabó